The square in Soller on Monday. | I. Cabrer

Companies from the goods transport association carried out their threat not to make deliveries to the centre of Soller on Monday.

The association announced last week that it would stop making deliveries as from November 7 at protest against a town hall decision to relocate loading and unloading away from the Plaça Constitució. This relocation, it is argued, entails occupational risk because of, for example, the distance that delivery personnel now have to cover

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There were some deliveries by small companies which are not part of the association, while the centre of Soller was in any event quiet because some bars are closed on a Monday.

Ezequiel Horrach, the association's president, spoke briefly with the mayor, Carlos Simarro, on Monday, although there was no new formal meeting between the two sides. Horrach stressed that no agreement has yet been reached and that there is no date as to when deliveries will resume.

Simarro reiterated that the square is "a pedestrian space", adding that tram lines will soon be lined with posts (for safety reasons), "so the movement of trucks will become physically impossible".