The HOV lane is the one on the left. | Jaume Morey

Following discussions with goods transport and taxi associations, the Council of Mallorca has agreed to make modifications to the high-occupancy vehicle lane in Palma.

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Saying that these will be "improvements", the Council's changes will include a lengthening of the section of the HOV lane that has a dotted rather than continuous line to facilitate the exit of vehicles on to the Via Cintura. Another relates to the final 350 metres of the lane. This is currently for buses and coaches only, but taxis and motorcycles will now also be able to stay on it.

The Council and the associations also agree that it is necessary that vehicles joining the MA-19 at the Coll d'en Rebassa junction should be able to get into the HOV lane. This would have to be approved by the traffic directorate (DGT), which is the authority that has the legal power to do this. The Council's mobility councillor, Ivan Sevillano, is to request a report from the DGT regarding the feasibility.