The connection to the airport is due to be completed in 2026.

On Thursday, there is to be a signing of the protocol between the Spanish and Balearic governments for the development of Palma's tram. The state budget for 2023 includes an initial item of 20 million euros for the project, the first payment for what will be financed with European funds.

The first section of the tramline, when it is built, will connect Plaça Espanya with the airport; an extension to Playa de Palma will follow. Work on the city centre-airport link is expected to be completed in 2026.

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The parliamentary spokesperson for the opposition Partido Popular, Antoni Costa, is critical of the fact that it is only a "protocol" that is being signed and not the agreement that guarantees the execution of the work. “The nth ministerial visit to the Balearics, this time to sign a 'protocol', that is useless; and to take a minimum of 200 photos and try to deceive citizens," he stated on Twitter on Wednesday.