The opposition Partido Popular called today for the resignation of the Council of Mallorca´s tourism boss, Lucia Escribiano, after she was quoted as saying by The Sun newspaper that they were not interested in welcoming British holidaymakers to the island next summer. Similar stories were carried by other British newspapers.

But Lucia Escribano told the Bulletin this morning: "Of course we want British tourists. They are more than welcome. British tourism to the island is key."

"I don't understand this headline that British tourists are not welcome. It is so far from the truth," she said.

But the Partido Popular rounded on the governing socialists slamming their performance at the all important World Travel Market fair in London- Their leader Marga Prohens told the Bulletin: "the Balearic government has crossed all the red lines at the far.

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"On Monday the government said that they were not promoting tourism at the biggest tourism promotion show in the world and then the Council of Mallorca´s tourism chief is quoted as saying that British tourists are not welcome. To make matters worse she says that they should be going to competing resorts."