The apartment building is on Plaça Paris. | Gemma Marchena

A 76-year-old woman faces a possible prison sentence of twelve months because of her harassment of neighbours at an apartment building on Plaça Paris in Palma.

This harassment allegedly occurred over several months, and it was directed at the neighbours above the woman's apartment on the building's fourth floor. According to the Prosecutor's Office, she continuously sought to interfere in the daily life of her neighbours. She insulted them repeatedly and accused them of entering her apartment with a master key in order to "poison the shower water" and of turning music up high.

She would often deposit various objects outside the neighbours' door. On September 22, 2020, she pounded hard and insistently with a hammer on the door. A day later, she placed plastic bags, plant leaves and even a pair of glasses by the door. The final episode of harassment was in January 2021, when the woman repeatedly hit the door with a pickaxe. This caused damage to the value of 2,591 euros. The neighbours ended up moving.

As well as a possible prison term, the Prosecutor's Office is demanding that the woman pays for the damage to the door.