No more smoking at Palma bus shelters. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Palma’s EMT public bus service has joined the Spanish Association Against Cancer’s campaign and has banned smoking in its 277 bus shelters.
Today EMT Palma announced its backing for the drive.

Tobacco is the second most prevalent addictive substance among the Balearic population after alcohol.
A total of 227 EMT Palma bus shelters will be signposted with “Smoke-Free Spaces” stickers, and one bus line is carrying the slogan “At this stop you don’t smoke, you breathe”.

The president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in the Balearics, Doctor José Reyes Moreno, stressed that “this campaign is very important and conveys the need to limit the exposure of non-smokers to tobacco in public spaces: on the other hand, we also want to convey a message to young people to prevent them from starting to smoke”.

The declaration of the bus shelters as “Smoke-Free Spaces” is “magnificent news” for the association, but “the most important thing is that it is for the whole of society”, said Reyes.

The council has thanked EMT Palma for their collaboration, and reminded stressed “Palma is a Child-Friendly city, and the fact that it also has smoke-free beaches allows us to make progress in preventing addictions, especially among young people”.

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This summer Palma added El Arenal del Molinar to the “Smoke-free beaches” campaign promoted by the Government through the Departments of Health and the Environment and the Spanish Association Against Cancer.