Heavy rain has caused serious flooding on the mainland. | Kai FORSTERLING

The remains of hurricane Martin will reach the Balearics later today from the British Isles bringing strong winds and heavy rain for the rest of the week.

The heaviest rains are expected on Friday and Saturday and are currently forecast to continue into next week.
According to the spokesperson for the Aemet state met. office in the Balearics Miquel Gili, the Atlantic front is crossing areas of Galicia and central Spain bringing heavy rain (for which yellow and orange warnings have been activated) and a drop in temperatures.

And, the first signs of ex-Martin are already being felt in the Balearics with patchy cloud, weak and isolated showers and a strong westerly wind.

The latter has led to a rise in temperatures, especially in the south of Mallorca, with minimum temperatures on Monday night of 20ºC in Campos and 19.8ºC in Palma, seven to ten degrees above normal.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, the weather situation will continue until midday, giving way from to clear skies - albeit with strong winds - which will continue on Thursday.

It will be Friday and Saturday when the tail of cold air will sweep across the Balearics bringing heavy rain, a drop in temperatures of up to six degrees (with maximums of 20ºC and 18ºC) and strong wind.

According to the Balearic met. office, the storm will be much weaker than on the mainland.
For now no weather warnings are planned, although if they are activated it will probably be on Friday or Saturday,” said Gili.

The forecasts indicate that on Sunday the sun will shine, but it will be the exception to a week that is expected to be wet and cold.