focus on the improper use of personal mobility vehicles | Palma City Council

The campaign in Palma against the misuse of electric scooters is leading to wave of fines.
The Local Police have put the focus on the improper use of personal mobility vehicles and in October fined a total of 450 users for riding on the pavements or in pedestrianised areas.
Four cyclists have also been fined.

Based on neighbourhood complaints the police controls were set up in the most conflictive areas of the city.
The main mission of the campaign has been to prevent the circulation, parking and any improper use of pavements and pedestrian-only spaces by any vehicle, but with special attention to personal mobility vehicles.

The most common offences involving scooters were also checked: not wearing a reflective waistcoat, riding with headphones plugged in and not respecting the authorised direction of traffic.

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It is worth remembering that personal mobility vehicles can only circulate:

  1. On cycle lanes, under the same conditions as cycles.
  2. On streets marked as residential with the S-28 sign, without exceeding the maximum speed of 20 km/h.
  3. On roads in zone 30 and streets limited to speeds equal to or less than 30 km/h, and cyclists may not exceed 30 km/h and always travel in the authorised direction of traffic.