Terraces on C. Fàbrica in Santa Catalina. | Jaume Morey

Palma town hall has removed 23 bar/restaurant terraces without licences, most of them in Santa Catalina, and is inspecting another 45 establishments.

The town hall's action started in response to pressure from residents. At a meeting this week, residents and councillors from five different departments discussed measures for the control of public space and of noise caused by hospitality establishments in Santa Catalina and elsewhere.

The president of the Palma federation of residents associations, Maribel Alcázar, explains that the councillors were handed a list of the "most problematic establishments" in the city so that relevant measures can be taken. "In residential neighbourhoods, we are asking for the closure of establishments at midnight. There are deficiencies in the regulations."

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The federation has also met representatives from associations in Barcelona and Madrid, the purpose of which was to share experiences regarding problems created by leisure establishments and citizens' rights to peace and quiet.