You can almost work from the beach...!

Spain is expected to launch its new Nomad Visa, aimed at non-European Union citizens (including Britons) who work remotely on January 1, 2023. The visa includes tax breaks and therefore the start of the year is the perfect time for the launch.

The Nomad visa could revolutionise the lives of Britons and other non-EU nationalities thinking of moving to Spain. Not only does it offer tax breaks it means that a "remote worker" can live in Spain with his or her family without the need for a mountain of paperwork.

At the moment the Spanish authorities are working on the details of the new Visa after the law was approved by parliament last month. All those people, who work remotely and whose income comes from outside Spain, are eligible for the visa.

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Many European countries are busy introducing Visas of this type but Spain is set to be the place which most benefits from it because of its climate, its first rate health system and large number of international schools.