Queues will be signficantly reduced at airports. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

In what has been hailed a “game changer” for UK travel, rules over liquids and laptops in hand luggage could be axed at UK airports within two years thanks to the rollout of new 3D scanners.

Since November 2006, passengers taking liquid in their cabin luggage have been restricted to clear plastic bags holding no more than 100ml, which must be shown to security staff.

But ministers have reportedly been reviewing a trial at Heathrow Airport, which began in 2017, of 3D scanners already in use at US airports that allow staff to zoom in on a bag’s contents and rotate the images for inspection, according to The Times.

The Times said those failing to remove items from their bags or travelling with large bottles of liquids is the biggest cause of delays at airport security.

Boris Johnson announced plans when Prime Minister in 2019 for all major UK airports to introduce new 3D cabin baggage screening equipment.

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Now Spain will hopefully follow the example set by Portugal and remove the need for British passports held by non-residents to be stamped on arrival and departure which is another cause for long queues during the peak summer months at airports like Palma.