Jorge Campos addressing a gathering of Vox supporters in Palma on Sunday. | Teresa Ayuga

The main opposition party, the Partido Popular, has submitted parliamentary questions it wants answers to in respect of the case of the students at La Salle College in Palma who were sent home for displaying a Spanish flag.

Marga Durán of the PP wants the education ministry to ensure that inspectors listen to all parties involved in the affair and to clarify exactly what happened. Questions will be asked of the education minister, Martí March, and President Armengol, Durán adding that "we cannot understand how something as normal in the context of a World Cup as hanging up a flag to support the national team has led to everything that has happened".

Armengol has meanwhile said on social media that schools are the ones which "set the rules for coexistence in the classrooms" and that teachers "must be respected and their work protected". It is "intolerable" that they are attacked and threatened, as is happening with this teacher. "All our support for the La Salle teacher who is being harassed by the extreme right."

While Més have criticised Vox for politicising the affair, it is clear that it now is very much a political matter.

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At a gathering in Palma on Sunday, the leader of Vox in the Balearics, Jorge Campos, described the students who displayed the flag as "patriots" and said that education is being used as an "indoctrination tool".