The National Police arrested the woman. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Another ear-biting incident in Palma. On Thursday night, the National Police arrested a woman who bit off a man's earlobe at a bar in Pere Garau.

Around 11pm, the man, described as having been under the influence of alcohol, started to pester customers in the bar and was asked to leave. He did so, taking two chairs with him so that he could sit outside. The bar manager went after him, there was an argument and some punches were thrown. The woman went out to help the manager and became involved in the fight. The man bit her on an arm, and she responded by biting off an earlobe.

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The police arrived, the earlobe was retrieved and put in ice. It was taken to Son Espases Hospital along with the man.

A week or so ago, a man was arrested for biting off part of another man's ear following an argument in a Palma bar that started after the victim broke wind.