Drugs and cash were confiscated by the police. | National Police

The National Police have arrested a man who offered cocaine to several plainclothes officers in the Playa de Palma area in the early hours of this morning. “What are you looking for? If you want coke, I have some,” he told them.
The events took place at around 2.00 am.

A plainclothes patrol car was in the area and when trying to identify a suspect, he started to run.
Shortly after he was caught but had thrown the drugs away.

While several officers were searching for the substances, another person approached them and offered then cocaine.

Immediately, the man, of Moroccan origin, was arrested.
Last week, the police also arrested another man in Son Gotleu who was carrying a fanny pack with drugs and hid in a bar.

The suspect, aged 44, was seized with seven lines of cocaine and four wraps of heroin.
Cash was also seized. The detainee has a criminal record.