Not much left standing of the historic Hotel Formentor. | Junts, Alternativa, Podem.

The Pollensa council opposition parties (Junts Avançam, Alternativa and Podem) are demanding that the council suspends the redevelopment of the Hotel Formentor, seals off the area and to fine the developer.

It has been a month and a half since Mayor Andrés Nevado signed the decree to halt the works and informed the developer of the opening of an investigation.

He did so after receiving a technical report which warned that the complete demolition of the complex was not covered by the licences granted.

Only four days after signing the decree to halt the work, and before the developer opened has a chance to read the order, the same mayor signed a new decree granting the licence to legalise the demolition.

The work has not been stopped and the opposition has long been denouncing an alleged breach of the licences, but the councillor for urban planning, Tomeu Cifre, maintains that “the reconstruction of the structures and interiors of the hotel was already foreseen in the first licence, which was given with all the favourable reports”.

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Only the reconstruction of the façades would be outside the reform and extension licence granted more than a year ago.

The developer ha submitted an amendment to the initial project in order to obtain a new licence for the reconstruction of the exterior walls, the demolition of which was not initially foreseen.

While the town planning councillor Tomeu Cifre has asked the environment department to speed up the drafting of “the only report that is still pending in order to grant the new licence”, the opposition is calling for severe action to be taken against the developer.

“We call on the council to apply the suspension decree, seal and fine the developer. A month and a week ago it agreed to order the immediate suspension, warn that in case of non-compliance within 24 hours the work could be sealed off and if the infringement persists fines could be imposed for periods of at least ten days and the amount on each occasion would be 10% of the value of the work so far carried out - at least 600 euros,” said Alternativa, Junts and Podem.

They also said that “the Public Prosecutor’s Office must be informed of the non-compliance, if necessary, in order to demand the appropriate action be taken”.