The ball needed a more open space. | Jaume Morey

Apart from all the garlands and various decorations for Palma's Christmas lights, there are two large features. One is a star that is twelve metres high, changes colour and is located by the Porta de Santa Catalina. The other is a ball. Like the star, it changes colour but isn't as high as the star - just nine metres.

However, the overall dimensions of the ball took the town hall somewhat by surprise. "When it arrived and we saw its size, we realised that it wouldn't fit well in the square. We thought it would be better if it were in a more open space," the town hall has explained.

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The ball was originally allocated to the Plaça Garcia Orell - the square in question. Local residents are said to be disappointed that the ball has been relocated. It is on the Passeig Sagrera instead.