Ex-Serbian international Dusan Petković played for Real Mallorca in 1996. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Former Real Mallorca football player, ex-Serbian international Dusan Petković has apparently been arrested for alleged cocaine trafficking according to Sunday World and a number of Serbian media outlets.

Petković is the son of Serbian football legend Ilija Petković and lined out seven times for the national team.

He has been arrested for his alleged role in smuggling 115kg of cocaine across Europe. Serbian news outlet Blic reports that he is one of eight arrested as part of a Europol probe into a fraudulent concrete company that sold slabs stuffed with hidden cocaine packages.

Dusan is detained for his alleged part in the group that bought legitimate concrete from a Luxemberg company before replacing them with the cocaine-filled fakes from Belgium.

Authorities have seized 115kg of cocaine from the slabs across Rotterdam – where they were transported – and the Belgian city of Arlon – where they were filled with the drug in a hangar.

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Blic reports the group had plans to then ship the cocaine-filled concrete to London for distribution in the UK.