Graffiti on a dry-stone wall in the Tramuntana. | Archive

Under the proposed law for the Tramuntana Mountains' cultural landscape, graffiti will be punishable with fines ranging from 6,001 euros to one million euros.

The draft text of the law identifies various offences that are classified as minor, serious or very serious. In the minor category is ignoring traffic restrictions on the Formentor peninsula. Minor offences will result in fines of between 300 and 6,000 euros.

Graffiti is included in both the serious and very serious classifications. Fines of between 6,001 and 150,000 euros (serious) will apply to defacing buildings, monuments, rocks or walls. Very serious will be graffiti or any other form of "graphic expression" if the building (or similar) has protected status as historical heritage.

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As well as the fines, any individual, organisation or other will have to pay the costs of the damage and of restoring whatever has been affected to its original state.