Tolo Sbert (left) and Tolo Cursach outside the courts during the trial. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Lawyers for Tolo Cursach and others are demanding that the Balearic High Court hands out sentences to the original investigating judge and anti-corruption prosecutor in the 'caso Cursach'.

Legal representatives for the BCM owner, his right-hand man, Tolo Sbert, the director of Tito's nightclub, Jaime Lladó, and another Cursach Group employee, Jaime Bergas, maintain that the judge, Manuel Penalva, and the prosecutor, Miguel Ángel Subirán, committed up to fourteen different criminal acts, including coercion, disclosure of secrets and the obstruction of justice.

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In addition to Penalva and Subirán, demands are being made in respect of four officers from the National Police's money laundering unit. Sentences of over 30 years are being sought for all six, the greatest demand being 37 and a half years for Subirán. These demands also cover charges of obstruction of justice related to the 'caso ORA', which had to do with corruption in respect of the Palma town hall contract for the car parking service.

Penalva, Subirán and the four police officers, it is alleged, "decided to violate the fundamental rights of the people under investigation". They revealed secret information to journalists in order to influence social opinion and denied defence attorneys "access to truthful information so that they could carry out their work".

Meanwhile, the lawyers are studying demands for compensation for the time that various defendants were held in prison - fourteen months in the case of Tolo Cursach. A typical amount is 50 euros a day.