Spain is launching a major drive to attract talented Britons, many of whom decided not to move to Spain because of the additional paperwork as a result of Brexit. This is one of the reasons why Spain will be launching the so-called Nomad Visa next month which is aimed to people who work from home for companies outside Spain.

The visa will allow Britons to live in Spain with their families for up to five years, with tax breaks also included. There are expected to be other incentives.

Carme Artigas, the Spanish secretary of state for digitalisation and artificial intelligence, said she hoped the digital nomad visa would entice talented Britons to make their home in Spain, according to an interview with British newspaper i.

“Many British people who are here or who have second homes here can work here (with the visa) for their (UK) companies. But also, what we want is to attract many talented Britons,” she told i in an exclusive interview.

“Perhaps one of the greatest wastes of Brexit was for Europe to lose a part of its (British) talent.”