The bar which was attacked in Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The National Police have arrested two young Spaniards, aged 18 and 22, for throwing stones at the window of a bar in Es Fortí (Palma) and injuring customers and workers.

The events occurred on 26 November at around 9 pm. Two young men entered the establishment and were drinking until they began to cause a disturbance.
The employees asked them to leave and the clients left without paying for the drinks.

A few minutes later they returned with two other people and started throwing stones at the customers, breaking two windows of the bar. Three people were injured as a result.
One of the assailants threw a metal bar at a bar worker, who used a chair to defend himself.

The youths fled the bar and were chased by the employees who managed to restrain one of them.
Several National Police patrols arrived at the establishment and an ambulance team assisted three customers with cuts.

The officers went to the place where the workers were holding one of the alleged perpetrators and arrested him.

The Central Police Station of the National Police took over the investigation and the officers managed to identify another of the suspects who has since been arrested.