David Guetta's ex-wife was administrator of his business. | Archive

A 54-year-old Belgian, Rosario B., was a friend of Catherine Lobé, the ex-wife of DJ/producer David Guetta. He was also a trusted employee of the couple who had a copy of the keys to an apartment in Ibiza, which was where Catherine Lobé stayed when she went to the island. The apartment is owned by the former French football international and Real Madrid player and coach Zinedine Zidane.

In July 2019, he devised a plan to rob the apartment. His partner in the robbery was Marius V., a 41-year-old Romanian with a long criminal record. The apartment is on a complex with strong security measures, but they deactivated some twenty cameras. Jewellery and luxury brand bags valued at 490,000 euros were stolen.

The Prosecutor's Office maintains that on August 15, the two men, accompanied by a third individual who has not been identified, entered offices using a copy of the keys and after deactivating alarms by typing in the code that was known to Rosario B. These were offices used by Catherine Lobé, who was the administrator of David Guetta's business in Ibiza.

They stole over 50,000 euros and removed financial and employment documentation. They took the keys to a Dacia Dokker van, drove to Sant Josep de Sa Talaia and set fire to the vehicle with the documentation inside.

In October 2019, the Guardia Civil arrested Rosario B. In April this year, Marius V, was also arrested. Their case will shortly come before the Provincial Court in Palma, the Prosecutor's Office seeking ten-year sentences for both of them and payment of 543,000 euros compensation to Catherine Lobé.