It is thought unlikely that Mery Perelló will travel to Australia with the baby. | Efe

Rafael Nadal and Mery Perelló's baby son was two months old on December 8. It is thought that he could be baptised before Nadal heads to Australia for a team competition that will start on December 29 and conclude on January 8. The Australian Open begins on January 16. If Nadal gets to the final, this will mean that he will have been away from Mallorca for a month.

As the family keep matters very private, it isn't known where the baptism will be or who might conduct it. The likelihood is that it will be at the Mare de Déu del Carme Church in Porto Cristo, where the new family home will be ready early in the New Year.

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It is possible that the baby will receive the sacrament from Tomeu Català, the priest who founded the Projecte Home charity and who married the couple at La Fortalesa in Pollensa in 2019.