Iñaki Urdangarin and Princess Cristina arriving at court during the trial. | Teresa Ayuga

Sentences in respect of the 'caso Nóos' trial were announced by the Provincial Court in Palma in February 2017 and adjusted by the Supreme Court in Madrid more than a year later, the trial having started in January 2016. A matter from the past, there are still some loose edges that need tying up. And these loose edges amount to 233,287.50 euros.

This corresponds to the demand by the Balearic government - the fines to be paid by the four main protagonists in the caso Nóos. They were King Felipe's brother-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin; his business partner, Diego Torres; the ex-president of the Balearics, Jaume Matas; and Princess Cristina, the sister of the King and Urdangarin's wife.

Princess Cristina was ultimately not one of the defendants in the trial, but she was judged to have been a financial beneficiary of the illegal business affairs of Urdangarin and Torres. The Balearic government received a total of 852,287 euros, half of which was paid by Urdangarin and the princess, the other half by Torres and Matas.

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However, the fines for embezzlement and fraud, as established by the Provincial Court and later confirmed by the Supreme Court came to 619,000 euros. There was overpayment of 233,287.50 euros, confusion as to who had paid what having been recognised by the court, which confirmed in October that there was an "imbalance" and that the government must make refunds to Urdangarin, Princess Cristina and Torres, but not Matas. For Urdangarin, there is a refund of 132,695 euros; for the princess 68,479 euros.

The payment to the princess is being disputed by Urdangarin's representatives. It is money that should be returned to him and not to Princess Cristina. On Monday, representatives for the princess registered a letter with the court that requests that the 68,479 is paid to her.

Urdangarin, who was sentenced to five years and ten months, has been on probation since March. He and the princess are now separated.