Familis are going to have to dig deep this Christmas. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Mallorca is facing the most expensive Christmas in history as prices continue to rise.

Mallorcans will have to do the maths to balance their family budgets, which are already overstretched.
In addition to the cost of meals, there is also the expense of gifts and outings to bars, restaurants, theatres, trips, etc. and all the indications are that January 2023 will be even more expensive.

The National Statistics Institute (INE) reported today that the cost of food has risen by 13.4%, that of alcoholic drinks has risen by 11.4% and that of non-alcoholic drinks has risen by 9.3%.

At this time of year, consumption increases as people shop for Christmas dinners and lunches; this year they will have to make an even greater economic sacrifice, as prices are skyrocketing.

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The products that have risen the most are milk (28.3%), oils and fats (25.1%), sugar (24.4%), cereals (18.6%) and eggs (17.9%). Of the food items analysed by the INE, none are cheaper than this time last year.