The new owner of the Sa Fortaleza sea-side estate in Pollensa has an estimated fortune of more than six billion dollars and is the second richest person in Norway. Ivar Tollefsen bought the estate, made famous as one of the settings for the BBC hit series The Night Manager and also where Rafa Nadal married his childhood sweetheart, earlier this summer.

At the age of 12, he started delivering papers on four different routes; to do that, he had to wake up at 3:30 am. A few years later, on the money he earned, Tollefsen acquired a DJ set and started performing at neighbourhood school parties. Soon he founded the Tollefsen Enterprises and skipped high school to dedicate himself fully to the business of renting out DJ-services and event equipment.

In 1985, the Tollefsen Enterprises was bought by the investment firm Vest Invest for around $2.8 million. In 1994, he engaged in real-estate business and bought a 20-apartments building in central Oslo. Later he founded the Fredensbrog AS, which is one of the largest owners of rental housing that owns more than 27,000 apartments across Scandinavia. Since 2020, the company actively has actively invested in foreign property. Only in 2020, Heimstaden Bostad AB [de], controlled by the Fredensbrog AS, acquired 1732 buildings across Germany.

Ivar Tollefsen is known for his adventurous spirit. In 1991, he set the world record for the fastest crossing of Greenland on skis. In 1993, he led some of the first expeditions to climb mountains in Antarctica. In 2009, he finished fourth in the Dakar Rally.

Ivar Tollefsen made the 2022 Forbes Billionaires List with an estimated wealth of $6.4 billion and occupied the 398th position.