The 70-year-old was arrested by the National Police. (Archive image.) | Miquel À. Cañellas

A 70-year-old pensioner, whose monthly pension is 904 euros, was ordered to prison on Saturday, accused of having committed at least five robberies.

He had in fact been in prison for similar offences; he was released some months ago. His latest robberies, according to the National Police, began when he broke into his sister's home in Lloseta. There were subsequent burglaries in Sineu and Palma.

In court on Saturday, he said that a group of Moroccans were responsible and that he had just provided them with the tools to enter properties in exchange for a commission. For every 1,000 euros' worth of valuables, he would get 100 euros.

The first robbery, his sister's house, was on October 28. The second and third were in Sineu on November 7 and 17. Break-ins in Palma then followed. Investigators estimate that he stole valuables worth around 13,000 euros that he later sold to gold buy-and-sell shops.

He claimed that he had got to know the Moroccans when he was in prison. They had threatened to kill him if he didn't help them. He didn't identify any of the alleged thieves.

A search of his home revealed numerous tools for committing robberies. Investigators believe that he steals because he has a gambling problem.