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The Indignats MA-10 group of residents and owners in the Tramuntana Mountains is to raise its complaint against illegal races at "a European level".

These races, usually motorbikes but also sometimes cars, particularly affect the stretch of the MA-10 road between Soller and the Puig Major. The group, which has been complaining about the noise, risks to road safety and environmental harm for several years, says that it will be initiating "public actions and protests" due to the lack of response from the relevant authorities in Mallorca.

The decision to seek some form of remedy from Europe (it's not entirely clear what) follows the archiving of a complaint by the Prosecutor's Office. This, the group maintains, was on the basis of a report from the Guardia Civil's traffic division.

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At a meeting in Soller a few days ago, Tramuntana residents, not all of them members of the group but still affected by the races, were informed that a law firm had gathered information for around a year and had presented this in the form of a 'denuncia' to the Prosecutor's Office. The meeting heard that the report from the Guardia Civil was allegedly "full of falsehoods". This stated, for example, that "there is neither excessive speed nor noise; it is only the perception of the residents".

The Indignats MA-10 group claims that "both 112 and 062 (the general emergencies and Guardia Civil phone services) have recorded calls almost daily requesting police intervention, in 99% of cases to no avail". It also says that it has "hundreds of videos that demonstrate reckless driving, while the Guardia Civil maintain that there was only one case during 2021".

"Dialogue of the past four years with the institutions responsible for this nightmare has failed. The Council of Mallorca, the national government delegation, the environment ministry, the traffic directorate - none have shown any interest in seriously addressing the problem." As a consequence, "it is time to ask for foreign help, and so we will denounce all this at a European level and there will be mobilisation".