Industrial action in the public health care sector has been averted. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearic Health Committee today approved the recovery of the 35-hour working week, the improvement in the pay of on-call duty medical staff and a new agreement on leave and holidays for the public health sector in the Balearics, with the aim of strengthening public health in the region and avoiding strike action.

Different working conditions have been approved, aimed at health professionals in general, the improvement of Primary Care and the recruitment of more staff.

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The 35-hour working week has been restored as of 1 January, wages per hour for doctors on call has been improved - up to 31.05 euros per working day and an increase in remuneration as of the fifth month on call -, a leave and holiday agreement has been signed - the last one was in 1991 -, the loyalty bonus and shift work has been improved, the latter by 20%, and the professional career has been extended to all temporary staff.

In addition, measures have been implemented to encourage the recruitment of more staff, such as the payment of 4,800 euros for medical residents from Minorca and Ibiza who stay on the islands on a three-year contract.

2,400 euros will also be paid to all professionals who, having trained elsewhere, take up a three-year contract on one of the two islands.