One of the lorries ran into the back of the other. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

A lorry driver was injured today in an accident with another lorry on the Llucmajor motorway in Mallorca.
The victim, aged 32, was left with his legs trapped inside the cab and the Palma fire fighters cut him free, according to Samu-061 emergency sources.

The rear-end accident between the two lorries occurred at around half past eight in the morning according to a spokesman for the Guardia Civil.

One of the lorries hit the other lorry from behind for reasons that are being investigated and one of the drivers was injured when his legs were trapped inside the cab of the vehicle.
The fire brigade was immediately mobilised and rescued the man, who was taken in an ambulance to a clinic in Palma with minor injuries.

The window and the front of the lorry were completely shattered as a result of the heavy impact.
The other driver, according to the information provided by the emergency teams, was unharmed.
The two lorries involved in the accident were left in the middle of the motorway and the Guardia Civil went to the scene to regulate the traffic and take charge of the accident report.

The collision caused major traffic jams and a tow truck removed the two vehicles from the road.