Security camera images are being examined.

Two men have so far been arrested following a brutal assault on a 24-year-old waiter in Sa Pobla.

After finishing his shift at a bar on the Plaça Major, he stayed behind to chat to some customers. At one point, he went outside for a smoke. Someone took his phone, which was in a back pocket. When he turned round, there were three young Moroccans, one of whom had taken the phone.

When he demanded the phone back, he was thrown to the ground. His watch and other valuables were taken, and four other men, also Moroccan, joined in the assault. He was kicked and punched all over his body.

Witnesses ran to his aid and called the police. The attackers fled. He was taken to the local PAC health centre but was urgently transferred to Inca Hospital because of the seriousness of his injuries.

The Guardia Civil and Sa Pobla police immediately launched an investigation. The two who have been arrested are both residents of Sa Pobla. Security camera images are being examined in seeking to identify the other five.