The agreement includes bar workers. | MDB

One of the two main unions in the Balearics, the CCOO, has formally denounced the pre-agreement for hospitality industry pay (8.3% over two years) that was announced on Friday.

It would appear that CCOO representatives didn't attend the negotiations at the ministry for the economic model, tourism and employment; it has been reported that the CCOO was there. The union maintains that the pre-agreement (pre, because it has yet to be ratified by union assemblies) was arrived at "clandestinely and hastily" and that it was excluded from the collective bargaining process, which contravenes the law.

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Representatives from the other main union, the UGT, were definitely in attendance, the CCOO stating that the pre-agreement is therefore only for a part of the industry (hotels, bars and restaurants, nightlife). It is critical of the lack of a comprehensive review of working conditions, the pre-agreement having been limited to pay. While pay is "obviously strategic, it is not the only thing the industry needs, as well as being insufficient".

The CCOO believes that the ministry has used the collective bargaining process for electoral purposes instead of promoting measures required by the industry and with the consensus of all parties.