Waste collection, one reason for complaints. | MDB

In 2022, Palma town hall's quality department received 12,482 complaints and requests, an average of just over 1,000 a month but with 42% having been registered between June and September. As the department puts it: there are more people outdoors in the summer and so there is "more nuisance".

There were more communications with the department in August than any other month - 1,485. Included among these were 370 requests for action by neighbourhood police units because of animal noise, 211 because of noise by people and 120 because of machinery noise.

In July and August, complaints about a lack of taxis and issues with cleanliness (street cleaning and waste collection) were particularly high. Another subject of complaint concerned the issuing of fines and responding to them.

The department also received 47 complaints last year regarding the horse carriage service in the city.