The National Police arrested three Algerians in the Son Gotleu district. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Over three days, January 19 to 21, an Algerian man was arrested three times by the National Police in Palma for causing damage, making threats and breaching precautionary measures. He has a total of 27 police records and has been classified as very dangerous. He is in an "irregular" situation in Spain and yet he remains at liberty, committing crimes.

At the time of his most recent arrest, he was wearing a bracelet from a gym where he is taking mixed martial arts classes. These are being paid for by the Balearic government and are apparently part of the process for him to obtain residency in Spain as soon as possible.

Last Saturday afternoon, the National Police responded to calls saying that a man was threatening workers in a bar with a screwdriver. This was with the intention of getting them to withdraw a complaint filed against a friend of his. When the police arrived, another man began to insult and threaten to kill the owner of the bar. He was arrested, as was a third person for the obstruction of justice. All three are Algerian, aged between 20 and 34, and two have a pending charge of attempted homicide related to an incident in the Son Gotleu district of Palma.