The protest on Sunday. | Pere Bota

On Sunday morning, some 200 or so people, according to police sources, took part in a protest in front of Palma town hall and demanded the resignations of the mayor, José Hila, and a councillor, Angélica Pastor, who was formerly responsible for the city's police force.

The protest was in support of individuals affected by the 'Cursach case' and the investigations of the BCM owner, Tolo Cursach, and others that were led by former judge Manuel Penalva and ex-prosecutor Miguel Ángel Subirán, who themselves are now being investigated for, among other things, allegedly having been responsible for up to fifteen illegal arrests. These were in connection with both the Cursach case and a linked case - 'caso ORA', to do with the awarding of the contract for managing Palma's blue parking zones. It has been claimed that there was political involvement in these investigations by the mayor and the councillor. A former councillor, Sonia Vivas, was also the target for protesters.

Request for the protest was in the name of the brother of Rafel Puigrós, a town hall official, who was the last official to be sent to prison by Penalva and Subirán. There was a specific demand for his case to be reviewed.

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Among the protesters were police officers and Cursach Group employees who lost their jobs because of the closure of three Cursach establishments - BCM in Magalluf and Mega Park and Mega Sport in Palma. Tolo Cursach himself attended the protest, while political figures included Fulgencio Coll, the Vox spokesperson at Palma town hall and likely candidate to stand for mayor in May.