The two who were arrested. | Policia Nacional

On Monday, two men - a Spaniard and a Moroccan - were arrested after stealing a phone and some 100 euros from a German tourist in Playa de Palma.

A hotel receptionist, who had gone outside for a smoke, observed a car with two men slowly pursuing the tourist. He memorised the car registration number and seconds later there were shouts. The tourist went to his hotel and told reception that he had been robbed. The other receptionist was able to give the National Police the number. The tourist, meanwhile, needed medical treatment for cuts to his head and to a lip.

The car was stopped near the Estadi Balear. A search led to the discovery of the phone and cash. The two were arrested. They were the same pair who had been arrested on Wednesday last week in connection with 23 thefts from cars. On that occasion, they were released some hours later after having appeared in court.

It is understood that they both have numerous police records for similar offences.