The PP would scrap the HOV lane. | Jaume Morey


Ivan Sevillano, the Council of Mallorca's councillor for roads, has responded to statements by the Partido Popular concerning roads policies on the island by insisting that these will mean "more cars, more noise and more pollution".

Sevillano of Podemos is his party's candidate for the presidency of the Council of Mallorca. The statements by the PP have come from that party's candidate, Llorenç Galmés. They include a reversal of the reduction in the speed limit on the Via Cintura in Palma and the elimination of the HOV high-occupancy vehicle lane.

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The councillor said on Wednesday that data from the traffic directorate indicate that there has been a 70% reduction in accidents thanks to measures that have been adopted. He therefore wondered if the PP wish "to increase the accident rate on the road network". Galmés and the PP, in his view, will continue with "a road model that harms the environment with more cars, more lanes and more saturation and causes more damage to Mallorcan people".

Galmés has said that his main objective will be to "unclog Mallorca" because the left-wing coalition "has caused chaos in mobility policies". "It has not fixed the black spots, the accesses to Palma are jammed 365 days a year, public transport and the road network linking the different municipalities have not improved." A PP administration would finish the second ring road in Palma in order to "reduce the density of cars", improve access to Palma and create park-and-ride schemes.