The scene of the blaze. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

National Police officers saved the lives of two sisters in their 20s in a flat on fire in the early hours of this morning in Palma.

The young women could not find the key to open the door and escape the burning apartment.
The incident took place at 3am.

Neighbours heard them calling for help through the window and immediately alerted the emergency services. Flames and a column of smoke were coming out of the window of the apartment. They could not get out and found it difficult to breathe because of the smoke.

Several National Police patrols rushed to the scene and saw them calling for help from the window. The officers entered the building and, once on the landing, came across a group of neighbours trying to open the door.

“Open up, we can’t find the key and we can’t get out. Please, it’s hard to breathe because of the smoke and the fire,” the two sisters shouted.

The officers grabbed a sledgehammer and a crowbar to break down the door and rescue the two women. They both respiratory problems as a result of the smoke they had inhaled and also had burns on both arms and legs.

Paramedics treated them at the scene and then rushed them to hospital.