Balearic moves to limit vehicle numbers. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

If all the vehicles registered last year in the regions of Aragon, Asturias and Extremadura, three regions with a population similar to that of the Balearics, were added together, the total figure would still fall short of the 40,523 new cars registered in the Balearics.

In relation to the number of inhabitants, the Balearics is the region with the highest number of cars, so it is not surprising that drivers on the islands complain about the traffic congestion.

The Tax Agency has just released last year’s registration details and the 40,523 vehicles are more than the 17,556 new vehicles in Aragon, 9,789 in Asturias and 9,030 in Extremadura added together.
All of them add up to 36,375 cars.

The latest statistics on the Balearic vehicle fleet correspond to the year 2021, when there were 1,067,897 cars of all types in the region.

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The figure has soared in the last 20 years and there are now 328,536 more vehicles on the roads than in 2001, an increase of 44% in just two decades.