British market is leading the way for Balearic holiday bookings. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Holiday bookings to the Balearics have risen by 12% in the past week, compared to the previous period, and have increased by 78% compared to these same period last year, according to data published today by the TravelgateX platform.

The volume of bookings last week in the Balearics also represents an increase of 1,150% compared to the same period in 2021.

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The Balearics is the fourth most popular destination, accounting for 12.7% of last week’s bookings, compared to 19.1% for Andalusia, 17.6% for Catalonia and 16.7% for the Canary Islands.

35.4% of bookings were made more than 90 days in advance, with last minute bookings (2 or 3 days before) accounting for 4.8% and last minute bookings (made the day before) accounting for 7.2%.
45.7% of bookings were made by couples, while 24.6% were made by single travellers.

In addition, 48% of travellers booked between 2 and 5 nights and 25.8% booked for one night.
In terms of issuing markets, TravelgateX attributes 61.1 % of the share of bookings to the domestic market, followed by the British and German markets, with 15.6 % and 3.6 % respectively.