Hotel Formentor employees, who gathered for a meeting at the CCOO union's HQ. | CCOO

Hotel Formentor employees are greatly concerned that the delay to the hotel's redevelopment will leave them without any benefits.

On their behalf, the CCOO union says that the employees will not be able to go back to work for the 2023 tourism season, as the hotel "will continue without activity". The union adds: "We are talking about sixty families who will get no monthly income, even in the middle of summer, due to circumstances beyond their control and the poor management and execution of works being carried out at the hotel."

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The situation with the hotel staff is that they have been on an ERTE furlough scheme since the hotel closed in 2021 in order that the work could be carried out. The ERTE agreement is about to run out, the hotel's owners explaining that negotiations for the extension of the current ERTE are scheduled to begin between February and March, something that the works council was informed about.

The owners go on to say that they trust that there will be agreement to an extension as soon as possible that will be in compliance, as agreement has previously been, with "labour and social obligations". The delay to work has been "for reasons beyond the control of the organisation, which are due to the desire of the opposition parties at Pollensa town hall to delay or paralyse a vital project for the municipality through continuous impediments that have affected all the administrative procedures associated with the project".

The owners have said that when the hotel does reopen, there will be more employees and salaries will be increased.