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A complicated year ahead for British travellers heading to the Balearics.


British travel industry trying to resolve Brexit problem of seasonal workers

UK travellers must understand and be prepared for the introduction of the EU’s entry and exit checks.

Humphrey Carter04/02/2023 10:38

EU travel for Britons to get more complex and costly.


British passports will soon lose their value

More travel costs and complications on the horizon for Britons.

Humphrey Carter01/02/2023 14:37

Campaign to scrap the 90/180 day rule is gathering momentum.


“Spain could pay the price for the 90-day rule in the long term”

"We are asking Spanish politicians to make changes that will let them regain the right to spend time in the country in more or less the same way they did before Brexit to gain the protection they need."

Humphrey Carter14/01/2023 10:33

Balearic holidays are going to cost more for Britons.


Britons to be charged an extra six quid to visit the Balearics this year

The objective is to identify individuals who pose security threats before they are able to travel to the Schengen area.

Humphrey Carter12/01/2023 14:47

Former Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

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Former Spanish Prime Minister backs UK rejoining the EU

“All countries have the right to make a historic mistake, including the United Kingdom.”

Humphrey Carter11/01/2023 11:45