The statue would be on the low wall that surrounds the tree. | MDB

In June last year, unanimous agreement was given at a council meeting in Manacor for a statue to Rafael Nadal. This was after he had just won his fourteenth French Open.

The town hall now has a sketch of the statue. This shows Rafa sitting down and looking straight ahead. Next to him is a small boy - Rafa as he was. The idea is to position the statue in the square with the royal palace so that it is looking towards his house; it would be on the low wall that surrounds the olive tree in the square.

The mayor of Manacor, Miquel Oliver, has requested a meeting with Nadal to discuss the design. He has recently been away from Mallorca, but the town hall hopes to speak to him soon. It will only approve a commissioning of the bronze statue with his approval.