Madeleine McCann.

British detectives were in constant contact with the Guardia Civil in Mallorca after a British couple reported seeing a girl, who resembled the missing Madeleine McCann in Cala d'Or in 2008, a year after her disappearance in Portugal.

The British couple told local police that they had seen a girl, accompanied by two women, in Cala d'Or in the summer of 2008. She was playing on the beach. The little girl was wearing sunglasses but they were struck by her resemblance to Madeleine. Also, the two women had a dark complexion compared to Madeleine's fair complexion.

The Guardia Civil, after being in contact with their British counterparts, carried out a search for the two women and the child but it proved unsuccessful. They even investigated a series of apartment complexes where the three were allegedly staying. British detectives did not travel to the island but they worked in close contact with their Mallorcan counterparts.

The sighting in Mallorca remains a mystery despite the best efforts of both the Spanish and British police.