The National Police arrested the two shortly after 5am on Sunday. (Archive image.) | Miquel À. Cañellas

The National Police report having arrested two men on Sunday morning who had beaten up a tourist and stolen his watch.

The incident occurred around 2.15am in the Santa Catalina district of Palma. The two, Algerian aged 20 and 21, approached the tourist and asked him for a cigarette. They then immediately attacked him, threw him to the ground, kicked him several times and stole his watch and wallet.

The tourist was taken to hospital, while the police searched for the two. They were located some three hours later and arrested.

They both have police records for similar offences. It is understood that one of the two had been arrested for robbery with violence a week before the incident on Sunday.

One of them had a court order banning him from entering the area of the Cathedral and Santa Catalina. In addition to robbery with violence, he has been charged with failure to comply with a court order.