Residents in some parts of the island are furious after being left without power for three days during the coldest nights of the year on Mallorca. The freak storm, which hit the island from Monday, knocked out a sizeable parts of the power grid. In most cases electricity was restored but some households were left waiting and in the cold.

"We live in Vilafranca, where the electric went out at 19:00 on Monday and was only restored to most of the town yesterday (Wednesday), and several houses are still without. Promised times for a fix come and go, there are no workmen to be seen, day or night, and no updates. It’s a third-world-style shambles.
While the electric company take their time, I’ve lost hundreds of euros of freezer food, never mind all the hassles no electric involves," one British resident told the Bulletin.

Temperatures have fallen below the freezing point and yesterday a minimum temperature of -4 was registered in Escorca. The electric company said they are doing everything possible to restore power.