Britons heading for Mallorca robbed in Barcelona. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

A British couple resident in Mallorca have just returned for a six month stay, but there trip was marred when they were robbed at the port in Barcelona.

Today, the husband contacted the Bulletin, not only to report what happened but also issue a warning to other Britons driving down to Mallorca this year.

“We were a little lost and couldn’t find the correct entrance into the port for our ferry. SO we parked in the street near the terminal offices so my wife could go and ask. I remained standing by our vehicle.

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"Suddenly I was approached by a chap asking something and this was clearly a distraction scheme because while I was trying to deal with him, two Louis Vuitton bags were snatched from inside the car. Fortunately, apart from the value of the bags, there was nothing of great value inside.

"But that’s not the point. I was standing right next to our vehicle. Next time I shall lock it, however close I am standing. I just hopes this serves as a warning for any other Britons or anyone else driving down to Mallorca this year and using a ferry from Barcelona, keep your eyes open and don’t get distracted,” he told the Bulletin.

“Well, that’s done, I don’t know if the insurance will cover it but at least we’ve got six months in Mallorca to look forward to.”