Alfonso Rodríguez Badal is at the head of the Calvià Mayor's office.

The characteristics of Calvià make it a practically unique municipality in the context of Mallorca. Here, native and foreign cultures mix like no other, and the power of its tourist industry coexists with very marked and varied traditional features. In this scenario, Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal affirms that "this has been a complicated legislature that has been marked, without a doubt, by the world pandemic that we had to face and which we were all able to overcome together despite the very difficult moments". A great help was "the social and economic shield that we weaved together, with the Municipal Reactivation Plan, together with the other administrations. It allowed us not to rescue our economy, but to reactivate all our productive activity with muscle," he assures. The good figures for tourism activity in 2022 support his assertion, showing a significant "recovery in employment and a drop in unemployment figures with historic milestones in our municipality, as well as the lengthening of the season".

In terms of day-to-day management, he maintains that "the pandemic was a determining factor, but it did not divert us from our objectives. It is true that some of them have been slower, because we had to attend to the social emergency as a priority, but we have been fulfilling our commitments during the legislature, the aim of which has been, above all, to achieve a much more equitable municipality". In terms of social policy, he stresses that "the first 48 keys to subsidised housing have already been handed over, and we are building another 99 in Santa Ponsa. We are the only municipality in the Balearic Islands that, in addition to ceding land to Ibavi to build public housing, we dedicate municipal funds to the construction of subsidised housing. We have also intensified municipal aid for renting, making access to housing a right for the citizens of Calvià. However, we know that even more needs to be done in this area".

The municipality has very clear general lines of development: "We have designed our Calvià for 30 years with the initial approval of the General Plan. We will soon open a Day Centre in Palma Nova and we are already planning another one in Santa Ponsa. We have completed the construction of the Museum of the Archaeological Park of Puig de sa Morisca, built a new Adult Education Centre, improved sports facilities and our streets, promenades and surrounding areas with both large projects and small improvements that facilitate the daily life of our neighbours. All of this has been possible thanks to efficient economic management that has allowed us to reduce the municipal debt to practically zero, without raising a single tax, fee or public price".