The plan for the railway would take the line down the middle of the Passeig Ferrocarril. | Maria Nadal

When the plan for the railway to run through Manacor was presented on Friday, the mayor, Miquel Oliver, spoke positively of a "transformative project". The town hall administration welcomed the Balearic government's plan, but opposition parties have greeted it less favourably.

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There has to be a plan in order that the current line from Inca can link up with the projected reintroduction of the line from Manacor to Arta. Opposition parties aren't against this expansion of the rail network but they are against the line going through the centre of Manacor. The Partido Popular and El Pi are both of the view that it will "split Manacor in two".

Marga Fons of El Pi suggests that the current town hall administration and the Balearic ministry of mobility are "obsessed" with the idea of the line passing through the centre. If this is the case, then the line should go underground. Both she and Maria Antònia Sansó of the PP believe that there needs to be an alternative route that goes through the outskirts of Manacor.