Motorhomes and caravans are parking up some of Palma's most exclusive areas. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Motorhomes and caravans are taking over residential areas of Palma and locals are not impressed.

Until recently, caravans in Palma were concentrated in the Ciudad Jardín area, some industrial estates and the Son Hugo sports centre car park.

However, in recent weeks the Local Police have detected that many of these vehicles are moving to residential neighbourhoods, such as Son Moix, La Vileta, Son Rapinya, Son Quint, Son Xigala and Arabela.

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This expansion is increasing complaints and friction with residents, some of whom do not take kindly to their new - and mobile - neighbours.

And they are parking in exclusive expensive residential areas like Arabela, Son Quint and Son Xigala.

“They park in front of the villas and throw the dirty water down the sewers, it doesn’t seem right to us,” said one resident next to a golf course. Apart from the caravans, tents that are being erected on the roofs of cars making matters even worse.


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